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Using redMAP gave the company an actionable marketing roadmap with clear objectives and next steps to take to begin to reach their financial goals.


DREAM Tech, LLC is a provider of state-of-the-art tools and consulting services to support quantitative chemical risk assessment in commercial and regulatory environments. DREAM Tech provides customized solutions using advanced software tools and services based on its innovative and proprietary Bayesian Benchmark Dose Modeling System (BBMD).

The concept behind DREAM Tech started when the founder, Dr. Kan Shao, was at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) completing his postdoctoral research. Dr. Shao was tasked with developing tools that would aid researchers in using benchmark dose (BMD) analyses to evaluate dose-response data typically used for chemical safety assessments. Although BMD methodology was recognized by the toxicology research community as the gold standard for analyzing dose-response data, there were no user-friendly tools available to support widespread implementation of BMD analyses. Kan helped develop a basic tool to help fill this gap. 

After leaving the EPA and joining the faculty at the Indiana University School of Public Health Bloomington, Dr. Shao developed a better tool that would make BMD analyses accessible to a broad range of toxicologists and drive acceptance of the BMD method as a mainstream component of chemical safety assessments.

  • Their marketing foundation was very minimal. They used Excel spreadsheets to manage interested toxicologists and lists of prospects, with no CRM in place. In addition the website, while simple and clean in design, needed a boost of content.
  • They had done some basic workshop email reminders and informational campaigns. However they didn’t have a great way to track engagement via an email marketing tool.
  • Their competitors are large government entities, such as the EPA, which offer their tools for free.

We determined that DREAM Tech needed to develop their marketing foundation in order to meet their goal of better lead generation. Specifically, they needed to improve their website and begin using a CRM (customer relationship management) system.


To begin, the founder of DREAM Tech and his team, completed our redMAP assessment to determine their current state and discover where they have gaps keeping them from meeting their goals. We felt it was vital for DREAM Tech to see the entire picture, including the gaps in their marketing foundation.

With the data from DREAM Tech’s redMAP assessment, we were able to create a 12-month marketing roadmap. We outlined three (3) easy, actionable goals for this company to accomplish this year.

The DREAM Tech team needed some help in getting started on executing this plan. We assisted them in creating a new, redesigned and easy-to-use website that featured their content.  We also helped them get started with Hubspot Marketing Hub and Sales Hub for CRM and email marketing.


  1. With the redMAP, DREAM Tech got a custom marketing foundation assessment. That paved the marketing path and enabled our team to assist in executing the plan. Setting up a CRM (Hubspot) gives the team the ability to track prospect engagement and send campaigns as needed.
  2. Also through Hubspot, we are helping to develop email campaign templates.  These will give the team the ability to tell the story of DREAM Tech to a segmented and engaged audience. The calls to action are lead generation, registrations to paid workshops, and individual subscriptions to their BBMD software.
  3. We created a website that accurately, and with further detail, presented the key services offered by DREAM Tech.