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Test the strength of your
marketing foundation.

Regardless of where you are in your business journey, having a strong marketing foundation is key to long-term success. Take our free 10-question quiz to see how your marketing foundation stacks up.

Build A Solid Marketing Foundation

The key to business success is strengthening your sales and marketing foundation. The first step is understanding where you are and where you want to go. And the best way to get started is to create your custom roadmap and begin your journey!

What’s Included

This assessment provides an understanding of your current
marketing foundation and the gaps that exist within it in regards to:


A series of reflection questions to help uncover
your purpose, vision and mission.


Determine your strengths and weaknesses to
gain a competitive advantage.


Analyzing external factors to understand potential
impacts on your business journey.


Identifying your ideal customer to better understand
how to attract them.


Pinpointing your goals for the year and identifying
objectives needed to get those goals accomplished.


Evaluating your existing martech stack for increased
sales and marketing enablement.

Then What?

In most cases, within one week of receiving your submission, you will receive a custom roadmap that maps out where you have gaps and the actionable next steps to building your marketing foundation.

Your next step will be to engage with your key stakeholders or internal team to review the goals and objectives you’ve chosen for your organization. You will then begin working on executing your strengths, resolving weaknesses, determining the best opportunities, and where you can eliminate threats.

Get Started

redMAP offers a range of strategic assessments for every stage of your business.
See the assessment packages below for pricing.

FREE QUIZCurious? Get Your Score.

$ 0

Per Assessment
  • 10-questions
  • < 3 minutes of your time
  • Reviewed by our Team
  • 30 Min Consultation Call
  • White paper Download
  • Initial Score Instantly


$ 2999

Per Assessment
  • Purpose / Vision / Mission Review
  • Opportunities & Threats Update
  • Target Market Identification
  •  Actionable Goals + Objectives
  • Core Stack + Content Marketing
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • redMAP Review with our experts
  • Custom Execution Plan + Pricing

Plan Discounts

We are always interested in working with and assisting non profits within our communities.
If you are a valid 501c3, please contact us about pricing for your organization.

Want to learn more about foundational marketing? Download the PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the assessment take?

This assessment will take you a couple of hours, maybe more to complete. You’ll want to set aside enough time to really focus on the questions. Your responses are a vital first step to building your marketing foundation. If you have any questions about what is included in the assessment, check out the “What’s Included” section above.

What happens after I submit my assessment?

Our team will review your responses and create your custom roadmap to get your started on your journey.

What do I do with my custom strategic plan?

Once you get your custom strategic plan, you will want to review it in detail. This review will give you a clear idea of your company’s strengths and weaknesses, where any opportunities lie, and the potential threats that need to be overcome. Armed with all this information, your next crucial step in the process is to engage your team and key stakeholders.

Will redMAP help me execute?

Your custom redMAP will help you execute by providing you with an evaluation of where your gaps are and what your next priorities should be in order to build a stronger marketing foundation. If you are currently managing all marketing and sales tasks internally, then you can use the plan and execute the objectives that were uncovered in the assessment exercise.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the resources internally and prefer to work with a third party, you can use your custom strategic plan to hire resources to help you build what you plan calls for.

Does the redMAP team provide execution?

We believe that creating a solid marketing foundation is critical to your business. Additionally, we believe that for the plan to work well and be adopted by your team, you and your team need to play a majority role in building it.

Sometimes, though, you may need a little extra help in getting started or some assistance filling in the gaps. No worries! We can help you and your team execute agreed upon strategies to ensure your business has the foundation it needs for growth.