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CASE STUDY: RYAN Consulting Group

A website refresh that allowed the company to compete for government clients at the national level


RYAN Consulting Group is a rapidly growing company that offers technology and business intelligence. They focus on governmental businesses and organization. RYAN’s approach to program management encompasses a basic framework including proper strategy, design, implementation, management, and measurement. It addresses areas from cyber risk assessment to business intelligence to help/service desk support.

With headquarters in Indianapolis, RYAN’s main target audience is state and national government agencies that come to the company a majority of the time for cyber security issues.

  • The web hosting was in dire need of an update. The website went down repeatedly and the RYAN staff were unable to make changes. 
  • RYAN also felt their content needed to be better organized in order for the users to understand what their business really did.
  • Because the competitive landscape was at the national level, this company needed to be able to compete for business with a top-notch website.

Tomato Fish’s  goal for this project was to redo the homepage with refreshed design and content. Additionally, we agreed to create templates for internal pages that RYAN could implement themselves with content and images. The website needed to reflect a national-caliber company that could compete at that level.

Also, we also wanted to create a baseline level of SEO for the company. We wanted to provide them with insight into improving organic traffic  through search engines.

To begin the process, we had Elizabeth Beam and her team at RYAN complete our redMAP assessment. We felt they needed to discover their strengths and weaknesses,


Through a comprehensive set of questions and thought exercises designed to create a redMAP marketing roadmap, we evaluated RYAN’s  internal situation, including a SWOT analysis and brand audit.

Once we had the redMAP completed, we were able to suggest some significant  modifications. We were able to get the company started on executing their plan.  With the data, we were able to present a 12-month marketing roadmap with easy, actionable items. RYAN Consulting Group moved closer to their goals.

To help them execute this plan, we developed a cleaner, more modern look to the homepage.  We highlighted the actual work done by RYAN.  In addition, we ensured on-page SEO optimization was completed. We created a list of keywords for the company to base their future content on.


  1. Through redMAP,  a custom and complete marketing foundation assessment allowed RYAN to move forward in executing its own plan.
  2. A website that is modern and professional and establishes the company’s actual business services very quickly. A new hosting service was added that provided far more reliable service.
  3. An understanding of search engine optimization principles and keywords that will attract visitors to the site.
“Prior to working with TomatoFish, RYAN experienced a variety of internal and external challenges in regards to our website and marketing strategy. Our biggest challenge was narrowing down our target market(s) and then deciding how to cater our message to two very different customers, both of equal importance to RYAN and our success. 
The TomatoFish team was able to guide and work with us to narrow down the direction for our website, using their redMAP approach. Jill and Brooke have been incredibly responsive and patient during our multitude of changes and reworks, and are always willing to provide input on content and design. 
I think that it’s important to partner with a company that understands your business, and wants to help you reach your goals – and we found that with TomatoFish. The team took the time to learn about our customers, our business, and what we hoped to accomplish with our website and marketing. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the TomatoFish team! “

– Elizabeth Beam, Ryan Consulting Group