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The Importance of List Segmentation

By December 21, 2008April 7th, 2021No Comments

What is list segmentation and why should I care about it, you ask?

List segmentation allows you to drill down into direct email communication to specific contacts/audiences. You find out what your contacts are specifically interested in and that’s what you send to them — tailored emails that give them exactly what they want.

What are the perks of list segmentation?

  • Create target audiences based on standard and custom fields within your lists.
  • Increased response rates.
  • Better response to your call-to-action.
  • Divide your segmentation results into multiple mailing lists (opens, clicks, bounces, etc) in order to test offers, subject lines or even content to see which performs best before mailing to your entire audience.

How can you use your list segments?

  • Send a campaign to people within a specific interest group to provide more relevant content.
  • Send a campaign to people who clicked a link or opened a previous campaign for following up on campaigns or event invitations.
  • Send to “active” contacts who have opened multiple campaigns and clicked at least 3-5 links to weed out non-responders.
  • Send a special “are you interested” to “non-responders” who have never opened an email or clicked a link to close them or get them off the list.
  • Send birthday emails with special discounts to your lists segmented by birthday.

If you have any other questions or want help in creating segments for your lists, please send us an email at