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Know Your WHY, Live Your WHY… Change The World

This month we invited Melahni Ake, the founder of Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting, to share with you the importance of starting with your WHY! We have talked a lot about WHY (Purpose) in our blogs and when we meet others who find the WHY as important as we do, we want to celebrate them and share their knowledge with you.

I am honored to be a guest blogger with Tomato Fish Marketing for the next three months to help you think about your purpose, your value and the steps to follow a predictable process to discover your own WHY in life so that you can get clear, stand out and make a bigger impact.

Ok so I have been a huge fan of Simon Sinek for over 10 years and once I became certified with the WHY Institute in the fall of 2020, I was able to get clear in my own WHY, stand out in my business and play bigger in the world. Much like Simon Sinek describes Steve Jobs and Apple Computers challenging the status quo of technology in the world, I discovered MY WHY in life is to challenge myself and my clients to find better strategic ways to make a bigger impact in the world.

Let me start by asking you this, “Do you believe you are successful today? And if so, what experiences or beliefs help you know that you are successful?”

When I am asked this question, my response is a resounding YES! I do consider myself to be successful and I base this on my own perspective… my personal checklist in my brain.

  • I have a successful marriage of 30 years. ✅
  • I’m educated. ✅
  • I’m, employed and financially independent. ✅

And when I was asked if I knew my WHY, by the WHY Institute Team, I said “YES, I know exactly WHY I do what I do!”

But did I?

As I went through the discovery of my WHY, I learned that there is a really awesome and clear process to unlocking the secret of my WHY. It starts with answering the following questions with clarity:

  • WHY do I do what I do?
  • HOW do I bring my WHY to life?
  • WHAT do I ultimately deliver to the world that only I can deliver?

You see many of us know WHAT we do in life:

For me, I’m a leadership coach and consultant. I’ve spent over the last 30 years developing people in medical device sales, building customer relationships and driving processes to create cultural change.

And many of us may even know HOW we do what we do:

I train, I speak, I educate, and I communicate.

But, few of us know WHY we do what we do. By WHY I really do mean our PURPOSE and that can be a puzzle, until now.

To define my WHY, I looked to the The WHY Institute. Inspired by Simon Sinek, this institute has created an algorithmic predictable process to help people pull all of the missing pieces together to discover the first essential step in discovering their WHY.  This predictable process, runs parallel to building your HOW and WHAT and allows you to complete the three step process which is known as your WHY.os (the WHY operating system). This system provides an order to the unique gifts that give you the ability to get clear in communicating your WHY so that you can stand out in your life and business and ultimately make a bigger impact in the world.

Learn all about this process and discover your WHY here. Use the code “BLOG” to receive 50% off the cost of the assessment through September 2021.

Until next time, my challenge for you is to think about these seven defining questions:

  1. What is your definition of success for your life?
  2. What are the triggers that inspire this success?
  3. How would you like to make a bigger impact in the world today?
  4. What two things you could start doing to execute this impact in your life?
  5. How do you guard against negative influences that may take your success off track?
  6. How do you gauge your goals towards success?
  7. What do you use as a guide when making decisions?

Follow us next month as Melahni takes a deep dive into some of the 9 WHY’s that will help you get clear and discover your WHY!

Melahni Ake, is the founder of Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting, a Certified John Maxwell Team leadership coach, speaker and trainer, and as a Certified WHY Institute Agent she helps others Discover their own WHY. She is a popular Event Master of Ceremonies, Voice Actor, Leadership Podcast Host of Everyday Leaders 50in50, best selling author, motivational speaker and life strategy coach who challenges her clients to dream beyond their limiting beliefs and create better strategic ways to make sense out of the possibilities in front of them to change the world. What she knows is that when you know your WHY and START with WHY, what you do has more impact.