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Standard Email Campaign Rates

By January 19, 2009April 7th, 2021No Comments

I’ve had clients ask me what typical campaign rates they can expect from email marketing, in particular the rates that are achieved by TFMail. So, we’ve done some research and we’ve compared two popular email marketing software versions with our TFMail:

Rates according to Vertical Response:

Open Rate – Customers who tend to have great relationships with their customers can get open rates as high as 40%, which is great. Others that have gathered their lists over several years and potentially lost some customers could be in the 14-18% range.

Click Rate – Click rates usually fall in the 1-3% range. However, if they’ve got an amazing story to tell or great deal to give, then we see it skyrocket to the 8-10% range. Anything over that you’re off the charts. Again it all depends on that relationship you have with your customers.

Bounce Rate – We’ve seen our customers average bounce rates usually come in under .5%. However, lists mailed less frequently can have bounce rates in the 5%-7% range. A list that is mailed for the first time can have up to a 50% bounce rate depending on how “new” it is.

Rates taken from a study of 200 million emails released via Constant Contact:

Open Rate – an average of 21.26%

Click Rate – an average of 4.6%

Bounce Rate – an average of 11.54%

TFMail Rates:

Open Rate – an average of 37.12%

Click Rate – an average of 14.16%

Bounce Rate – an average of 13.29%