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Too many companies these days are jumping on the newest, greatest band wagon in marketing — especially Social Media.

But, Social Media is more than just checking your number of followers and trying to get as much information out to the mass as often as possible.

Just last week friend of mine, Jon Speer of Creo Quality, decided to take down his Facebook page and subsequently remove his personal page from the FB world altogether. When I asked him why (via texting) he said, “Why no fb? Time waster. No value. I believe others are starting to see same thing.”

I’m not sure I agree with him based on the industry he is in (Life Sciences), but he has assessed the return on investment and has made a choice not to be a Facebook user any longer. Not to worry, Creo Quality still has a LinkedIn profile, an active Twitter account, and a fairly extensive library of YouTube videos.

Moral of the story, evaluate your social media strategy and make sure it is working for you. If not, then you can improve or get rid of it.

Successful social media:

  1. emotionally connects your audience to you;
  2. is consistent; and
  3. is a part of a larger marketing strategy