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Strategic Planning

No Paralysis by Analysis

By May 30, 2007April 7th, 2021No Comments

The “No Paralysis by Analysis” marketing credo in a nutshell…Gather data (internally or via outscourced marketing assistance), move forward with a strategy, adjust if and when new data and results arrive.

Collaboration good – Concensus bad.

If you wait for the overanalyzer – your weakest link – to complete the thesis, someone will beat you to the marketing idea and to your market. Remember there is more than one great idea, and you need several to be successful; try some out and see if they stick.

Check out for some interesting theory on cutting to the chase. I particularly like this excerpt from their home page… “Leaders of thriving businesses do not have the luxury of beta testing the North Sector for six months before acting upon an important decision. Speed is essential. Many of you do not have a covey of marketing MBAs queued outside your office door waiting to be summoned to conference room “B” to strategize where the market is currently headed and how your organization is going to proactively participate.”

So cut through keeping everyone happy and let the person in charge of marketing do their thing; then analyze the results and make the next marketing move based on your new facts.