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In 2018, the Broad Ripple Village Association (BRVA) was awarded a portion of The Create Indy Fund for marketing and brand identity to drive economic growth and investment in this unique cultural district. The most recent site was built in a framework that was unworkable internally and the existing brand was outdated. 


BRVA needed a review of all review all of these studies/plans and to create a comprehensive document that would help them plan for the next few years and determine holistically the need of the community and its constituents. The Broad Ripple area was evolving and needed an identity that better reflected the vibe of the cultural district. In addition, BRVA had become the producer of several signature events that needed a way to be visually tied together in a more cohesive way.


To engage with the BRVA and key stakeholders to develop a holistic, sustainable organizational plan and professional branding that will speak to both the operations of the BRVA as well as the on-going marketing and branding of Broad Ripple. 


Tomato Fish Marketing worked with the Executive Director of the BRVA to gather each of the applicable studies and plans to compile a master data list that would drive the priorities of the BRVA. The BRVA board created a marketing committee that provided input on the vision of the Broad Ripple identity refresh. 

From there, the project was broken into two components:

Strategic Plan
  1. Compile data on strategic plans/studies
  2. Analyze and synthesize data points to create a cohesive list
  3. Work with Executive Director to prioritize action items
  4. Draft a proposed strategic plan for Executive Director and board to review
  5. Develop an ecosystem map that supports the execution of the strategic plan
Identity Rebrand
  1. Work with identified, interested parties to understand goals and vibes of new logo
  2. Develop 10 initial concepts to present
  3. Present to the Executive Director to receive feedback/guidance
  4. Refine 2 – 3 concepts and present to Executive Director/board
  5. Finalize logo concept and color palette
  6. Create event logos
  7. Identify and execute needed collateral for each event and overall cultural district promotion.
  8. Develop local way finding/pedestal maps
  9. Develop a vintage map (sold to raise funds for the BRVA)

For the logo rebranding, we partnered with local illustrator and letterer, Margi Kimball, to create a logo concept and color plan that reflected the vision. In addition, sub-logos were created for each of the organization’s signature events. These sub-logos continued the new logo aesthetic— but allowed each of the unique events to have a distinct feel. This new identity was then translated to local signage, pedestal maps, vintage resale maps, swag, and other collateral.

Additionally, we successfully redesigned and developed the new online presence in WordPress, which allowed the internal BRVA team to make changes as needed and keep the site fresh. All of the events and their respective logos are a key component of the site and have helped to increase participation.

  1. Assisted in establishing a strong operational and marketing ecosystem / strategy that speaks to all facets of the BRVA as it relates to the cultural district of Broad Ripple.
  2. Created a modern, professional logo for Broad Ripple Cultural District as well as the Broad Ripple Village Association.
  3. Creation of a modern, professional logo for the Broad Ripple Village Association and their storefront.
  4. Creation of a way finding map for the district pedestal maps throughout the district.
  5. Creation of a single vintage historic Broad Ripple map sold to community members at local events.

“The work TFM did on our new brand and strategy helped us focus on the future of the organization. It also allowed us to show our community a new direction in a way that was engaging and positive for our community and all of those we serve.”

⏤ Colleen Fanning, Executive Director