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Strategic Planning

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions!

By January 7, 2010April 7th, 2021No Comments

Okay, it’s a new year and it’s probably safe to assume that there are a lot of new Year’s resolutions floating around out there. It’s probably also safe to assume that by March 1st, maybe earlier, a lot of us will have ditched the New Year’s resolutions. That New Year routine that you carefully planned and mapped out for yourself and your company is probably also getting a little difficult to keep up with right?

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions…

Keep it simple this year by focusing on the following:

1. refresh your sales pitch (or create one if you don’t have one already)
2. be sure you articulate your strategic position (more to come in another post)
3. get excited about it
4. be confident that you have something that other people want to buy
5. GET OUT AND SELL!!!!!!!!

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