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CASE STUDY: Ashmore Consulting

Finding a long-term strategic marketing partnership meant leaning on local strategists for small, but important projects.


Ashmore Consulting is an Indiana-based consulting firm that helps businesses navigate tax credits, incentives and strategic location services. As a full-service advisory firm, Ashmore Consulting drives informed decisions when it comes to all aspects of site selection, economic development, and business incentives. They bring experience, relevant economic incentive and real estate market knowledge, cutting edge technology and comprehensive, and tailored solutions.Their clients are industry leaders in need of a strategy and trusted partner to negotiate, implement, and manage the process.

  • Ashmore Consulting had spent a lot of time and invested financially in creating a solid strategy for future growth, but the plan was not a good fit. They were looking for a long-term partner who could help rebuild a plan that would deliver the results they were looking for.
  • Both the website and the logo needed to be refreshed without losing any existing brand awareness. The logo, for example, was not easy to replicate anywhere except in a digital environment, leaving the company to struggle to produce print materials.

Our goal for this project was to refine and implement a new logo identity and mark as well as new colors into the current marketing efforts. Additionally, the existing website needed a refresh to reflect the newer brand identity. 

To do this, we had Julie Ashmore complete the redMAP assessment to find out what the company strengths and weaknesses were, as well as to find out where the company might have had marketing gaps. 


Through a comprehensive set of questions and thought exercises designed to create a redMAP marketing roadmap, we evaluated the organization’s internal situation, including a SWOT analysis and brand audit.

Once we had the Ashmore Consulting redMAP completed, we were able to suggest some significant suggestions to get the company started on executing their plan.

Deliverables included submission of our redMAP Assessment by the client. Once we had the data, we presented a 12-month marketing roadmap with easy, actionable items to move Ashmore Consulting closer to their goals.

Execution of the project included developing a streamlined logo, establishing a color palette, and then updating the existing site to include these branding modifications.

  1. A complete, custom marketing foundation assessment with data needed to develop a comprehensive strategic plan.
  2. A brand refresh that is modern, professional, and easier to implement across all marketing mediums.
  3. A site that accurately, and with further detail presents Ashmore’s services and capabilities.

Ashmore Consulting homepage

Tomato Fish worked with us to build upon our current brand strength and develop a marketing path forward that aligns with our long-term business plan. We gained deeper insights into our potential client base, developed a plan to best reach them with value-added resources and learned how to better utilize our existing tools to achieve our objectives. As a result, we have a customized plan to strengthen our marketing foundational elements that is helping us scale our business and create our next chapter.

Julie Ashmore, President & CEO Ashmore Consulting