Use your custom redMAP plan to execute your path to success!

Once we get to the Execution phase, we are ready to put your custom redMAP into action by fine-tuning your overall brand, creating a customized CRM platform (if needed), developing a web site for inbound marketing, and creating targeted outbound email marketing campaigns.

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The 4 Foundational Modules


Brand / Identity

Branding is what people say about you when you are not present. A clear and concise brand identity and the way in which you deliver your brand’s message are integral to the success of your business. Your brand tells your story and helps differentiate you from your competitors and can positively impact your customers’ purchasing decisions.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage all your customer data in one central location to keep your sales and marketing enablement efforts organized. You’ll increase your bottom line while committing to use the information to better serve your customer. CRM also provides a platform for all your inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

Online Presence

Having an online presence—a website—provides a landing place for current and potential customers to learn more about you, reach out to you and buy from you. And when you understand your customers’ goals and buying behaviors, you can create custom online experiences.

Email Marketing

This is a cost-effective, targeted, and data driven marketing tactic that gives recipients the relevant information. It’s a great tool to use to engage with your customers, build brand awareness and strengthen trust and loyalty. Additionally, the engagement data that is captured can be used to refine messaging / calls-to-action helping you to avoid costly marketing mistakes.


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