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TOMI Triangle – Part 2: The Importance of Email Marketing

By November 19, 2009April 7th, 2021No Comments

Why is email marketing so important? Email marketing is important because it works and it works with almost any size budget. Here are some email marketing facts for you to think about:

  • According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing generated an ROI of $43.62 for every dollar spent on it in 2009 and outperforms all other direct marketing channels.
  • According to Forbes Media in Feb/March 2009, email and e-newsletter marketing are considered the second-most effective tool for generating conversions, just behind SEO (
  • A 2009 survey of US B2B marketers by MarketingProfs and Forrester Research found that 39% planned to increase email budgets, while 11% planned a decrease (
  • The DMA estimate spending on email marketing (in the USA) will increase from $600 million in 2008 to $700 million in 2009 (
  • A 2008 survey by Forrester Research revealed that 95% of surveyed marketers use email marketing, with another 4% planning to do so by year end (

Why does email marketing work?

  • It allows targeting and is data driven
  • It drives direct sales
  • It builds loyalty and trust
  • It supports your sales and lead generation

And every email campaign that you send out generates data that can be use to refine your message and calls-to-action.

  • Email promotions / offers generate immediate action
  • Informative email newsletters provide contacts with wanted information, builds awareness, contributes to corporate branding, and strengthens trust and loyalty.

So, we know that email marketing works, but you must have the following first:

  • a complete, up to date list of folks that want to hear from you (Importance of CRM),
  • a consistent and clear message, and
  • an effective delivery system
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