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The Small Guy will Survive… and Prosper

By June 1, 2007April 7th, 2021No Comments

Today we got more junk mail in our office mailbox…a 2007 Catalog of direct mail postcards. Actually, what seemed to be junk mail turned out to be a fairly educational piece of mail. The article that I found from the Catalog was called “5 Predictions for the 2000’s”. Okay, so it’s an old article but Prediction #4 is really interesting:

John Schulte, the author of “5 Predictions for the 2000’s” predicted that the niche marketer or “small guy” will not only survive, but also prosper! (This is really good to hear!)

Nobody owns a job, nobody owns a market, and nobody owns a product. Somebody out there can always take it away from you.

The small guy must understand this and understand that direct marketing is niche marketing. And eMarketing (marketing via email) is also a form of direct marketing. To be successful the “small guy” must focus on an area/segment of expertise. In the words of “Blue Ocean Strategy”, you must create “blue oceans” of uncontested market space ripe for growth rather than go head-to-head with competition – especially the “big guy” competition with deep pockets.

If you ask me, being the “Small Guy” is very beneficial. Think about it: You can service the customer in a way that the “big guys” can’t simply because you are smaller, which gives you the best chance of building loyalty in an otherwise un-loyal market place. Sure the “big guys” spend millions promoting their companies, but there are other smarter, more cost-effective ways to promote yourself. Your brand will build slowly, but will be strong!

The DMA Statistical Fact Book 2006 – Read Rates for Direct Mail Pieces


According to the DMA Statistical Fact Book 2006, the read rates for direct mail postcards are higher than 41%. In our findings, our clients get a Read Rate of anywhere between 30% and 57% (or higher depending on list segmentation).