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Strategic Planning

SOCIAL MEDIA: What the heck is it and should I get on the bandwagon?

By August 21, 2009April 7th, 2021No Comments

Social media is defined as content created by people that integrates technology and social interaction for sharing and discussing information.

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How does social media translate into ROI for my business?

1. participate in conversations about your biz
2. enhance your relationship with your audience
3. become the expert in your industry/community

Is it right for your company?
• Seeding – You’ll have to invest time and possibly money into your effort to produce content. Man-hours are required.*
• Feeding – Your audience will need to be fed with continuous content in order to remain interesting and fresh. Man-hours are required.*
• Weeding – You must prune and weed out content that is not producing the your desired response. You will need to research and analyze your metrics and data. Man-hours are required.*

* From Debunking Social Media Myths, David Armano