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Pimp Your Twitter – Designing your Twitter Background Page

By March 27, 2009April 7th, 2021No Comments

There is no better way to test your web savviness than to navigate the latest social media craze—Twitter. For the newbies, and those of you who already tweet, here are a few pointers on how to customize your background page. Here are 9 steps to pimp your Twitter page:

1. Login to your Twitter page
2. Click on Settings (next to Profile and underneath your Twitter handle)
3. Click on the Design tab, and select ‘Change background image.’
4. Keep this window open, and open up a new tab to
5. Select your theme…we went with the blank slate option to make our TFM logo pop!
6. Get to pimpin! This is your opportunity to get creative. You have a lot of options here with text, shapes, and images. I suggest switching the Twitter Overlay ‘On’ to get an idea of exactly what your site will look like. You can add a big logo image and stretch it over the entire page for maximum exposure.
7. When you’re satisfied with your image, click on ‘Generate Image’ to save.
8. Go back to your Twitter Settings page and use the ‘Browse’ tool to upload your image.
9. Save your settings to get a preview. To change your background, simply create a different image and re-upload!

Want to see our page as an example? Click here to view our background and read our latest tweets!