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Direct Mail Lessons from Glodan

By October 14, 2009April 7th, 2021No Comments

I recently got the Glodan postcard in the mail and loved what “Dan the Paper Man” had to say…

“A lawyer had successfully handled a difficult law case for a wealthy friend. Following the happy outcome of the case, the friend and client called on the lawyer, expressed his appreciation of his work and handed him a handsome Moroccan leather wallet. The lawyer looked at the wallet in astonishment and handed it back with a sharp reminder that a wallet could not possibly compensate him for his services. “My fee for that work”, acidly snapped the attorney, “is five hundred dollars.” The client opened the wallet, removed a one-thousand dollar bill, replaced it with a five-hundred dollar bill and handed it back to the lawyer with a smile.

However, a spelling error caught my eye and took my attention away from the story.

Lesson #1 – Direct Mail is more effective with poignant stories.

Lesson #2 – Review carefully and know that spell check doesn’t catch everything.

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