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Creating successful design and customer experience.

By August 7, 2009April 7th, 2021No Comments

The Harvard Business Review Management Tip comes into my inbox daily and occasionally there are tidbits I feel compelled to pass along…

Yesterday, I read a post about Target’s ClearRx pharmacy system. Target was able to create a very successful customer experience with the new product design of their pill bottles which feature clear typography, color coding, and flat surfaces for easier reading. Target’s ClearRx provides a number of lessons for anyone wanting to create a great design and deliver a great customer experience.

1. Prototype early.

  • Whether you are creating a new product design, developing your social media plan or developing processes for internal operations, you can get a win under your belt by prototyping early. This allows for your team members to see more realistically how you want the design or process to work and it ignites some rallying around the new project.

2. Prepare for a long ride and plenty of persistence.

  • Be prepared to work on this prototype extensively and be persistent. Practice makes perfect and great ideas are often recreated or developed multiple times — the more revisions the better! Get your team together and brainstorm for potential roadblocks and modify accordingly in your design revisions.

3. Involve your team as early and often as possible.

  • Many heads are better than one, so form a team of key people and be sure to involve them every step of the way. But be aware of having too many hands in the pot!

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