How strong is your
marketing foundation?

We are an Indianapolis-based strategic consulting company focused on helping small and midsize businesses make good strategic planning decisions. Whether you need help getting started in the right direction… or are looking for a partner to work alongside you… we’ve got the tools you need to get you moving on your journey.

Take Charge of Your
Business Success

Foundational marketing starts with building a sustainable marketing plan and ecosystem. Your first step is to understand where you are and where you want to go. So how do you get started? We think the best place to start is to create a custom roadmap for your journey.

You can get there with redMAP, an innovative evaluation tool containing a comprehensive set of questions and thought exercises.


Who’s Tomato Fish?

As certified WBE business strategy consultants, we have been assisting clients with operational as well as sales and marketing strategies and execution since 2005.

We collaborate with clients to evaluate, engage, and execute sustainable sales and marketing foundations to drive change and creatively resolve everyday sales and marketing challenges.


Strategic Planning

Sell Your WHY, Not Your WHAT!

In March, we wrote a post about Simon Sinek, creator of the business model “The Golden Circle,” and why it is important to understand that…
Man using a laptop at his wood working shop
Strategic Planning

5 Quick Tips for Better Small Business Practices

5 Quick Tips for Better Small Business Practices Guest post by Kelli Brewer at According to the United States Census Bureau, as of June…
Strategic Planning
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strategic planning in a small business is key to success
Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning for Small Businesses: Put Your Plan Into Action


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